What home projects are you planning this spring?

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I need to do some minor landscaping by extending a garden bed and connecting it to another around a patio that we finished last summer and planting some ground cover in the new area. I was planning on using creeping phlox in that location with a couple of stepping stones to make it easy to get to the lawn. (We just don’t want to edge a lawn next to the new patio) I also have to plant some bushes in another bed I just extended last fall. We might have to chop down a tree, we know it has been affected by emerald ash borers, but we don’t know how much worse the effects of their damage will be this year compared to last year. It’s such a shame, that tree was a beautiful focal point of our yard when we bought the house seven years ago, it’s right next to our mailbox. My hubby is also planning on repairing windows this year and that will likely be our big project for the year.


We are having a backsplash installed in our kitchen in 2 weeks. We installed new granite countertops 2-1/2 years ago, and we had made arrangements for a tile installer to come to estimate the backsplash. He renovated a bathroom for us and did a beautiful job on the tile work so we really wanted him to return. Well, 2 years later we are still waiting for him to call us before he stops over to give us the estimate!! So we moved on. We are having the entire interior of the house painted, so we have bought new lighting for kitchen, dining room, family room and foyer. I shopped for a couple of months on-line and bought each light when we had the extra cash in the monthly budget. After the paint is completed, we are having a new kitchen floor installed. Also, if we feel like doing it we will restain our deck, if not we will have someone come to do that as well. Lots going on. Hopefully it will all go smoothly. Every year I break down the house projects by season – at the end of the year I have usually checked off everything we planned on during the year.

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